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AIRBIOTICS NANO (Tube Refills - 5 in a Strip)

AIRBIOTICS NANO (Tube Refills - 5 in a Strip)

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Refill your Airbiotics Nano five more times with this 5-tube Airbiotics Nano Refill pack. Our proprietary Active Probiotics Technology formula helps to keep allergens, odors, and diseases from spreading.


The Airbiotics Nano Refill contains 5 tubes of Nano Probiotics Atomization Spray Liquid for refilling the portable Airbiotics Nano atomizer device. Each tube contains 10ml of Nano Probiotics Atomization Spray Liquid.

Airbiotics products are made using 100% natural, active ingredients and are enriched with millions of probiotics. Our products have a beneficial effect on people, pets, and the environment.


  • 5 tubes Nano Probiotics Atomization Spray Liquid (10ml each)

Ingredients: Purified water, proprietary stabilized GMO-free beneficial probiotics.

Additional Information

The Nano cartridge holds 10ml of liquid; this Airbiotics Nano Refill 5-pack has enough Active Probiotics Technology liquid to refill the Nano 5 more times.


Slide the cover of the Nano to reveal the liquid tank and unplug the cap. Gently shake a refill tube, open it, and pour the entire contents (10ml) of the probiotic liquid into the tank, plug it, and slide the cover back into place. Charge the Nano if necessary. The Airbiotics Nano will activate and begin atomizing the probiotics liquid into the air, protecting your indoor environment with a beneficial layer of probiotics.

Video on How to Fill and Operate the Nano