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AIRBIOTICS All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate (8oz.)

AIRBIOTICS All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate (8oz.)

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When you already have your own spray bottle and just need the 8 oz bottle again, recharge with this probiotic-powered All-Purpose Cleaner! Smart and environmentally friendly, one 8 oz Recharge bottle will fill your spray bottle 44 times.

Life gets messy. We know. Put our team of probiotics to work! Nature’s tiny helpers are tough enough to clean any surface and safe to use around kids and pets. Cleans spills, grease, grime, and makes everything shine. Leaves any surface simply feeling fresh and clean.

Cleaning with probiotics is unlike anything you've used before. Dare we say you'll enjoy cleaning? Our cleaners are fragrance-free and clean in a more natural and healthy way. No harsh chemicals or artificial scents. But make no mistake, it’s incredibly tough on the nastiest messes, spills, grease, grime, stains, mold and mildew you can feed it. Amazing at spot and stain removal.

Everything you spray stays cleaner and protected for up to 3-5 days after each use. Enjoy a new level of fresh and clean!

Safe for any surface you can find (Let us know if you find one we haven't tried)! You can toss away all those other nasty cleaners. Let nature work its magic.

Concentrated Recharge fills 44 spray bottles

44 Bottles

Safety Data Sheet - available upon request by emailing us.