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*Canadian customers are also welcome to use this code to order from the PureBiotics USA website!

You were looking for AirbioticsUSA and they are no where to be found...MIA!

Their website is down...I know, we are just as surprised. But, there is a way for you to get the exact same advance probiotic cleaning solutions that were in the Airbiotics bottles you discovered and loved.

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PureBiotics is the original manufacturer of these soil-based, friendly probiotics. AirbioticsUSA Headquarters in the USA, was obtaining probiotic products from PureBiotics in order to sell them under their private label called, "Airbiotics". However, you can still purchase the All Purpose Cleaner and the Stabiotic Mist™ from PureBiotics. The company is based in the United States, the prices are excellent, and they ship all over the United States!
PureBiotics actually has more product choices. For example, they have cleaning solutions for dishwashing and laundry which probably interests many of you! It surely has been awesome for us to try and we use it on a regular basis now. We are so thrilled on the performance of the products because they work so much better than conventional and "green" cleaners. They work better than essential oils, vinegars, lemon, baking soda, etc. Plus, we know that PureBiotics cares about the environment.

20% Discount Code: COACH

That's right! We are here to help as best we can and coach people on how to use these products. Because Airbiotics Canada is an official PureBiotics affiliate, we are sharing our 20% discount code with USA (and Canadian) customers. Just click on the link below and use it each and every time you wish to make a purchase!

Equivalent Products/What they Look Like


If you have any questions about the PureBiotics products, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will follow up. Sign up for our Airbiotics Canada newsletter, visit our blog, follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We share our knowledge because we have learned a lot about how to use these products and we encourage everyone to tell all their friends about this incredible and advanced probiotic cleaning technology!