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These are essentially the same probiotics in this product as the Stabiotic Mist™ 2oz. Travel size bottle - very effective! Interchangeable products, but pet lovers like the Petbiotics branding!

Petbiotics No Bath is a probiotic-powered topical pet spray. 

We love our pets! But let’s face it, sometimes they don’t exactly smell “nature fresh.” They also don’t love baths (we have pictures to prove it).  

Our safe and all-natural topical spray keeps your pet smelling fresh and clean in-between baths. Easy and quick with just a few sprays.

Probiotics is a more natural and healthy way to clean your pet. Probiotics puts nature to work to eliminate odors at the source for a healthy and fresh clean you’ll want to hug (and smell)!

Using nature to restore balance. No Bath uses non-toxic ingredients and is fragrance-free. Alcohol Free. No harsh chemicals or artificial scents. No masking or covering up the smell with some other smell. 

Proudly made without SLS or triclosan.

Safe to use around children.

Safe for all pets! Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, horses, miniature pigs and more.


Gently shake Petbiotics No Bath Pet Spray.

Spray all over your pet (use on a cotton ball around the eyes, nose and mouth).

Also works great on fabrics like pet beds, blankets, furry toys and more.

Hug, play, repeat!

Use daily for best results.