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Cleaning with Probiotics 

Restore and promote healthy clean living like nature intended.

Pet and home cleaning powered by probiotics. A safe and natural way to eliminate pet odors and clean everything in a pet's home. No masking or covering up smells. Probiotics go to work at the microscopic level to eliminate odors and stains at the source. Freshen your pet between baths and clean your (really their) home.

Premium Skin and Hair Care

An ancient source of healing vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Bringing natural, premium skin and hair care to pets.

PETBIOTICS Red Algae Shampoo, Conditioner and Pet Wipes are the complete care solution for your pet. Rich in vitamins A, E and B Complex, minerals, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory and microbial nutrients. Red Algae Gracilaria Conferta is found to moisturize, condition, soothe and restore vitality. We're bringing premium skin and hair care to your pets in a safe and natural way.
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