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AIRBIOTICS Stabiotic Mist™ Home Spray (8oz.)
AIRBIOTICS Stabiotic Mist™ Home Spray (8oz.)

AIRBIOTICS Stabiotic Mist™ Home Spray (8oz.)

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Nobody “likes” to dust. Now it’s ok to put it off just a little longer and feel good about it. Airbiotics Home Spray is an all-natural, probiotic-powered, fabric and air freshener. Have a bottle of the mist in your hand while you dust. It works exceptionally well and the effects last for 3-5 days at the microscopic level. Spray and wipe off the dust, or spray the air to freshen things up, or spray that trash can that smells, etc... You can even spray your dog's fur and groom!

Probiotics are nature’s balancing act. Spraying with Home Spray in-between, and after dusting or cleaning will help freshen fabrics, protect your home against allergens such as dust mites and pet dander, help control odors, and leave the air truly fresh and clean.

No masking or covering up smells with some other smell. No harsh chemicals or artificial scents.

Use on bedding, furnishings, and all types of fabrics, linens, clothes, and upholstery. 
Spray in every room to freshen the air.

What else can you use Home Spray on?
How about mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets, duvets, sofas, chairs, carpets, curtains, drapes, shades, flags, decorations, furry toys, stuffed animals, sweaters, jackets, shoes, gym bags, luggage, air conditioning/heating filters and any fabric item?

Where should you use Home Spray?
Try closets, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, carpeted stairs, play rooms, offices, air vents and anywhere that needs a refresh. Everything you spray stays fresher and protected for up to 3-5 days after each use. With Home Spray you can enjoy a breath of fresh air!

Video: How to Use Airbiotics Stabiotic Mist™

Safety Data Sheet - available upon request by emailing us.