What's in my Bag?

I never leave home without these two items in my purse, the AIRBIOTICS Hand Cleaner and the Stabiotic Mist™. When it comes to freshening up my surroundings or making sure my hands are protected, I trust the power of external probiotics. For example, I recently went to a conference and had to travel on an airplane for a couple of hours. It was comforting to have the confidence that I could just spray a few mists on the tray table in front of me to address the typical 2,155 *CFU's that reside on that kind of surface! Once applied, I let the probiotics do their thing at the microscopic level! I also gave my hands a couple of spritzes of the hand cleaner, breathing a deep "scent free" sigh of relief that I now had a long lasting layer of beneficial probiotic bacteria on my hands to take care of me.

Some statistics:

Desks, phones, bathroom counters and remote controls, all collect harmful bacteria like e.coli, bacillus, cooci, yeast and more. Here are some *CFU numbers for typical things like:

Airplane Bacteria Distribution

  • Desk 947,000 *CFU
  • Phone 38,500 *CFU
  • Bathroom Counter 1.6 million *CFU
  • Remote Control 1.2 million *CFU

Airplane Bacteria Distribution

  • Seatbelt Buckle 230 CFU
  • Airline Tray Table 2,155 CFU
  • Overhead Air Vent 285 CFU
  • Lavatory 265 CFU

I don't know about you, but I feel a lot better that I have some extra tools in my back pack to help me keep a handle on office "door handles", tray tables and hotel remote controls! You cannot possibly manage - nor would you want to! - the number of people who have coughed or sniffled on surfaces, but you can take just a little precaution with the Stabiotic Mist before you rest your sandwich on the edge of something like a public picnic table. Why not naturally clean and protect your hands and surfaces from harmful germs at home, school, the office, gyms, parks, restaurants and more? Visit for more information.

*Values are presented in Colony-Forming Units per square inch (CFU).
A CFU is a mass of individual cells of bacteria that grow together.