Scruffy has PETBIOTICS Written All Over His Face!

We didn't want to wait any longer to post this terrific picture sent in by Candice from Ontario who took the time to thank us for the gift we included on her recent purchase. She said that seeing the toy when she opened up her package made her smile and we can also see that smile on Scruffy's face! Apparently, he wouldn't stop chewing on his new toy after he got it!

If you love your pets and want to keep their toys smelling fresh all the time, you should learn about our No Bath spray. No Bath is the perfect accessory to have on hand to freshen things up and to keep on top of odors! The Probiotic-Powered pet spray that is an all-natural way to eliminate pet odors at the source.

Spray the probiotics on pet's toys, pet beds and even on your pet. That's where the name "No Bath" comes from. Have a look at the link for more information on No Bath and how you can get this wonderful product that is currently on sale in Canada for $19.99 (plus GST). PETBIOTICS "No Bath" Pet Spray

Incidentally, the Airbiotics Stabiotic Mist™ Home Spray (8oz.) is the exact same product. It is also on sale for $19.99 (plus GST).

Before you use our probiotic products, be like Max! Shake the bottle of probiotics and awake their cleaning power! PETBIOTICS for Healthy, Happy, Pets! Our probiotic-powered pet cleaners are gentle, safe and effective. You - and your pets - are going to love the natural clean of Petbiotics. Be like Max!