Our Story...How it All Began

By Alexandra Peterson, CEO and Bruce Beecher, COO

Being Empowered

A lot of people have asked us how we got started with the probiotic cleaning technology, so we thought it was a good idea to share our story. We hope you become as inspired as we were to try it.

For many years, I wanted to find a women's self-defense course, or perhaps enroll in martial arts, but I never found anything that really resonated with me. Most of the offerings out there just didn't seem to be the right fit, so I just waited years...until I watched a YouTube interview with Rener Gracie describing The Gracie Women Empowered Program.

Everything Rener said about the program was absolutely compelling and exactly what I had been looking for all these years! I finally found something that would empower me, regardless of my age, gender, or athletic ability. Not only that, but The Gracie's had a proven track record. I was new to learning about the Gracie legacy, and grew increasingly impressed.

Following Gracie's Lead

So, what does Jiu Jitsu have to do with an All Purpose Cleaner? Bruce encouraged me to enroll and complete the Women Empowered Self-Defense Program at Edmonton Gracie Jiu Jitsu. The instructors were phenomenal and the curriculum outstanding. One of the things that struck me was how professional and welcoming the people at the facility were at all times. Care and attention to detail was evident, especially the cleaning protocols. Everything about the Gracie's was authentic and congruent with what I had researched and I was a fan!

I just couldn't get enough of the Gracie YouTube videos and was keen to learn different concepts. Gracies - Ryron, Rener and Eve - are unbelievably great at producing exceptional videos to deliver effective messages. I was hooked! Video after video...I couldn't get enough. Then one day, I saw this video featuring the Gracies who were demonstrating the effectiveness of external probiotic cleaning technology, right down to the microscopic level.

All Purpose Cleaner is Economical

Thus began my journey to learn more about this technology and I just had to get some for myself. I ordered an All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate  - you can too in Canada! Everything the company promised that the All Purpose Cleaner would do was exactly my own experience. I replaced every single chemical cleaner in my cleaning cupboard with this one product and ecstatic that not only did it work to get things clean, but I no longer had to use any chemicals! It was especially great to use this product around my dogs without any worry that they would be harmed.

Important Mission

We felt it incredibly important for Canadians to be kind to people, pets and the planet. We want our fellow citizens to experience the same sense of pride we experienced while cleaning! Raising awareness about the power of probiotics suddenly became important...we wanted to be part of the solution and let everyone know about this advanced technology that truly works!