Now You Have a Dilemma!

What do you do with all those cleaners in your home, office or business now that you no longer need them? And why don't you need them anymore? It's because AIRBIOTICS All Purpose Cleaner is that good! It becomes evident very quickly that the only cleaner you need around your home is the AIRBIOTICS All Purpose Cleaner that uses the power of probiotics to clean at the microscopic level. Suddenly, you discover that all your conventional and green cleaners are now obsolete and are taking up valuable space in your cupboard!

First Step: Go ahead, gather them all up and put them in a box!
Now What?!

Here's your dilemma...

  1. Throwing them out in the trash, or pouring chemicals down the drain doesn't seem to be a very nice idea for the water system, or the environment.
  2. Donating them to a local charity doesn't seem consistent with your aim to be more environmentally conscious, does it? It seems counter productive to use Airbiotics yourself and then turn around and donate something harmful to someone else.

PRO-TIP: What can you do?

Gather up all those cleaners from your cupboard, put them in a box and deliver them to your nearby Eco-Station. They know how to handle those nasty chemical agents and detergents. And, read the labels because many Green cleaners still have detergents, fragrances and chemicals in them, too! And wouldn't it be a great idea to donate AIRBIOTICS to local shelters and charities? They will definitely benefit from this kind of cleaning technology that is safe and natural - kind to the environment.