You've Got a Good Clean Look with Airbiotics!


There is a really good video by ABC News that was published back on May 13, 2010 showing how much bacteria is on your make up and why it is a concern. They recommend changing over your makeup products, which is a good idea. Along with things they recommend, we think there is another thing that is often overlooked...dirty brushes, make up bags and purses, too!

Think about it...if there is dirt and bacteria contaminating your makeup, then it is also getting onto your brushes! And when you put your make up and brushes into your makeup bag, it can get a little scary over time. Just have a look at this ABC News video on the subject and it will get you to understand what we are talking about.

Click Here for ABC News Video

And, another good video by CBC called, "Makeup: The dirty truth about testers (Marketplace), Click Here

These videos make you think a little harder about how you go about keeping things clean in your own make up drawer, doesn't it? 

Bacteria, dirt,'s not nice to get it onto your skin or in your eyes. Some bacteria can lead to some really nasty problems and break outs! So, what can you do to get ready for that next photo shoot? Your Airbiotics All-Purpose Cleaner is a great start.

Airbiotics All-Pupose Cleaner

Not only does it clean those brushes and tools effectively, but it won't damage delicate brush hairs. You don't have to use chemicals or detergents or alcohols to get your brushes and tools super clean. Enjoy the power of probiotics to clean and keep on top of your brushes for 3-5 days, all while you are out on the town or enjoying that fancy dinner at the restaurant in your nice outfit and fabulous red lipstick!

And, go ahead and swipe clean your most prized and bejeweled makeup compacts and mirrors because, not only is Airbiotics effective at cleaning, it is also gentle on the most dazzling rhinestones or gems.

Airbiotics Mist

Don't forget to wipe down your make up bag, either. In fact, make it a routine to keep on top of cleaning your make up bag, brushes, applicators, compacts and mirrors. And, in between cleanings use the Airbiotics Mist to freshen things up, keeping on top of your efforts.

Airbiotics Hand Cleaner

You can also start the whole process by giving your hand a spritz with some Airbiotics Hand Cleaner. Now you are REALLY on top of things!


Your make up shouldn't make you sick, which can happen if you aren't cleaning the tools and the compacts you are using on a regular basis. Let your make up routine be more fun and adventurous, just like some of the looks you are trying to create! Use Airbiotics as part of your make up routine and have fun creating your favorite look!