"Get a Loofah!"

Learning about simple and eco-friendly ways to approach cleaning makes for a more pleasant cleaning experience. When you think about it, so many cleaning chemicals and plastic tools populate our store shelves and we often tend to want to experiment in the search for something effective. However, being effective while being kind to people, pets and the planet should be the goal.

So often, in our quest to clean effectively we often forget where many of these cleaning chemicals, soaps and cleaning tools end up which is down our drains, into the waterways and back in the soil! Out of sight, out of mind. But...not so fast! Don't forget that there are unsuspecting plants, animals and other fellow human beings that have to bear the brunt of much of this toxic waste.

The good news is that you can use AIRBIOTICS! This external probiotic cleaner gets things super clean and does it naturally. It is also very nice to work with - no gloves, no harsh smells. It is gentle! Visit the website ( for more information on all its attributes that makes it the superior choice for cleaning your home, office or in any commercial or industrial operation. Yes, AIRBIOTICS is that good!

Pro Eco-Friendly TIP

Cut up a loofah sponge into smaller pieces. Use it as your non-abrasive scour pad for tougher jobs, such as caked on dirt and grime. (Always use caution when scrubbing with non-abrasive pads, because you still don't want to mark or scratch surfaces and this can happen with any non-abrasive materials). Anyway, not only is a loofah sponge an effective non-abrasive sponge, it is totally natural and is something you can feel good about throwing away in the trash after many uses. (Always change out your cleaning sponge regularly to keep it fresh and clean). The loofah is a natural substance that is grown from the soil that easily decomposes back into the earth. And whenever you clean with it, due to its natural composition, it easily morphs into the tiniest of spaces while you scrub. So, it really is a great asset to use along with your AIRBIOTICS All Purpose Cleaner for those times when you need a little more "elbow grease". Also don't forget that with tougher jobs, you can increase the concentration of product. Just follow the DIRECTIONS FOR USE on the label.

Happy cleaning!