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Divide and Conquer the Mess!

Fold Your Microfiber Cloth into Quarters

You can divide your microfiber cloths into quarters, giving you 8 clean sections to clean surfaces. In this instructional video, you can see how the cloth is folded. Along with folding your microfiber cloth, it is important to start at the top of the area you want to clean and to apply controlled pressure, sweeping from side to side while pushing the debris to the bottom of the area. This prevents you from swirling the dirt around.

Good Hygiene

Never overlook how often you might need to rinse the cloth with fresh water to remove accumulating dirt and grime. By regularly rinsing your cloth, you mitigate many of the adverse effects of accumulating dirt, grease, grime and bacteria. You should also have a stack of cloths on hand to avoid too much build up on each cloth.

Eco-Friendly Power Move

And for an eco-friendly power move...launder your cloths. Forego the use of paper towels that only end up in the landfill. Plus, laundering cloths is more economical.

Now...Enjoy Being More Effective and Efficient

Enjoy the new, more efficient way to use your Airbiotics microfiber cloth!