Dust Off Those Vintage Sunglasses!

There are items we cherish that require special care and attention, however, they do get dusty, sometimes grimy and downright dirty! In many cases, plain water won't work, abrasives leave scratches, acids pit and destroy those once glorious finishes, and using grease-based cleaners can leave stains and discolorations. So, what do you do?

To get that sparkle back in your diamond, the gloss in your granite, or remove dust hiding in between the spaces in your watchband, reach for AIRBIOTICS All Purpose Cleaner. Airbiotics can handle the most difficult jobs and get them super clean. Plus, it will treat everything delicately.

And, the reason why many surfaces look so dull is because of Biofilm. Biofilm are groups of microorganisms resulting from the use of disinfectants to kill off the good and bad bacteria, which new bacteria are now using as a food source! Yuck! Whenever you use a disinfectant, you are contributing to the increase of a Biofilm layer that is protecting bad bacteria and dirt!

Why is Biofilm such a problem? One of the biggest problems from BioFilm is the contribution to chronic diseases. 80% of all infections are stemmed from this protective layer. For example, urinary tract infections, child middle-ear infections and even dental plaque buildup and gingivitis. You do not want to create more want to get rid of it!

Eliminating Biofilm is...The AIRBIOTICS' Mission! AIRBIOTICS will get things clean and will do it effectively. So go ahead...use it on that vintage necklace!