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Clean Your Diamonds with Confidence!

Many of us have that special piece of jewelry in our possession that has a very sentimental meaning, requiring some tender loving care. We look at these pieces and admire the sparkle and the shine in the sunlight or the moonlight. Maybe we got that cute little pendant when we stumbled upon a merchant at the market by the beach, or maybe we inherited a family heirloom to be worn and cherished on very special occasions? No matter the occasion, the desire is for the pieces to maintain as much of their original lustre as possible - Airbiotics is perfect for the job! It is gentle on any stone, diamond, pearl, gold, name it! And, you can restore the brilliant gleam on your watchband and watch face, too. As a cleaner for cherished pieces in your jewelry box, Airbiotics is gentle, eco-friendly, non-toxic, allergy-free, non-GMO and most importantly...effective!